Our Heritage

Auvê Beauty is a lifetime in the making that began with a unique heritage.  Growing up on both coasts to parents with Caribbean roots, the culture and rituals were close to my heart from birth.

From my childhood in New York, beauty has always been an inside job. My family culture is rich in wellness rituals that have been passed down through generations, and I naturally gravitated toward the Guyanese beauty rituals taught by my mom growing up. They were tried and true, proven to be effective, and started from the inside out: Staying consistent drinking teas for internal cleansing, taking cod-liver oil for clear skin (which I no longer practice, as a vegetarian), and breaking fresh aloe plants for skin hydration.

Many people around the world know quite little about the South American nation of British Guyana. My mother’s side of my family hails from this small nation where people are filled with good vibes and kindness. From the unadulterated rainforest to its unique culture, Guyana is a fascinating country that is mostly uninhabited; just under three-quarters of Guyana is made up of dense rainforest. It is also home to one of the world’s most impressive waterfalls, Kaieteur Falls. Guyana is considered to be a Caribbean nation, and it happens to be the only English-speaking nation in South America. Needless to say, I grew up with Caribbean culture close to my heart; we’ve always enjoyed festive music, pure foods, and simple beauty rituals. We hope you are inspired to learn more about this intriguing country through our brand.

As anyone can imagine, natural beauty is abundant in Guyana.  The rainforest covers almost 3/4 of the country and is largely untouched; in fact, most people who inhabit the country live on the coast. The beauty of the rainforest lies in its greenery, where you can find plants like Aloe, hibiscus, and the potent Bootlace Bark Tree that is featured in our skincare.

Guyanese food is fresh and delicious. Root vegetables like cassava and  sweet potatoes are staples of the country's diet.  Fresh vegetables, fruit, beans, and seafood are also a major part of Guyanese cuisine, as are fresh fruits.  Being a vegetarian, I always enjoyed the spice and vibrancy of the vegetable dishes.  One dish that I am particularly fond of is Dahl Puri, a type of flatbread with yellow split peas cooked inside.  Another favorite that my aunt always cooks is fry baigan, which is a type of sautéed eggplant in spices.  It goes perfectly with Rice, Roti or Dahl Puri. And of course, no meal is complete without a cup of fresh juice or tea.

Moving into adulthood in California, as my experience in formulation chemistry began to flourish, my career as a beauty product developer was born. Clean, conscious beauty standards were always top of mind when I was developing products.  The Californian lifestyle, clean air and water, farm-to-table culinary freshness, and emphasis on healthy lifestyle became major factors in my everyday life, and also in the products I developed.  

Over the years, as I grew into an industry leader in beauty innovation, I had seen firsthand the power of plant—based technology, and therefore prioritized plant-based innovation when developing new products. 

With that being said, as Auvê Beauty came to life, I wanted to shine a light on conscious beauty.  Our approach to beauty and skincare prioritizes ethical, sustainable, and mindful practices.  We champion transparency and and promote mindful consumption to encourage consumers to make informed choices about the products they purchase. 

Conscious beauty also means social responsibility.  We support fair-trade practices by working with supplies who prioritize social and environmental responsibility.  At every turn of our product development process, we consider packaging and ingredients used in products, their impact on the environment, animal welfare, and the overall well-being of consumers. 

The experience of clean, conscious innovation and the richness of my Caribbean-Calfornian heritage goes into every product I create. Auvê Beauty’s mission is to empower women to take beauty and self-care into their own hands, day-in, day-out, to champion a healthy lifestyle into her beauty routine. Eventually, I hope to share gems of Guyana and Guyanese culture with the world, while encouraging women all cultures, lifestyles, and to embrace a positive lifestyle to bring about beauty every day.