Frequently Asked Questions

General Skincare Tips

What order should I apply my skincare?

When applying your skincare, think “thin to thick”. Your skin absorbs the first thing that you apply, so thinnest to thickest is the most effective way to deliver nourishment to your skin while protecting it from the environment.


What are your ingredient standards?

We believe in the potency of pure botanicals, and in keeping your skincare clean, pure, and simple. For that reason, our skincare is 100% vegan, clean, with no harmful or irritating chemicals such as parabens, mineral oils, or sulfates. Rest assured that all products are formulated without “no-no” ingredients found on most clean beauty lists. We use the Environmental Working Group’s green list as clean standard when we formulate.

How do your products identify as conscious and clean?

Auvê® Beauty bans thousands of ingredients from our formulas, and we use organic and fair-trade ingredients whenever possible. If you have a question about a certain ingredient, please email us at:

What are your beliefs?

Beauty is a lifestyle that starts from within. It is not about the application of a single product and expecting an immediate result; but rather, cultivating habits into your life that you are committed on daily basis. We want to empower you to incorporate a positive approach and healthy lifestyle into your skincare, to create beauty from within.


How do I recycle or upcycle your product packaging? 

Auvê® Beauty strives to utilize as many recyclable packaging pieces as possible. This is a work in progress, as we strive to have 100% recyclable primary packaging over time. All of our unit cartons are recyclable in paper recycling bins. Upycling instructions are located on the inside of all Auvê® Beauty product unit cartons. To recycle or upcycle any product, first remove the label and wash the bottle before utilizing in the next step. For primary packaging, please note that recyclability is dependent upon your local area's recycling abilities because recycling capabilities vary from city to city, state to state and country to country. Auvê® Beauty is not liable for recycling facilities recyclability and we encourage you to check with your local facility.