About Auvê Beauty

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Auvê Beauty is a refined collection of beauty and lifestyle products that were inspired by Guyana, combining the elegance of worldly rituals with the technical experience of a seasoned product innovator. Our skincare products are powered by the Bootlace Tree (Epicura Falaca), an active botanical harvested from the Guyanese rainforest, known for its skin firming, toning and anti-aging properties.

Auvê is the first beauty line to be based on this magical Bootlace botanical. In Guyana, local Amerindians have traditionally used the Bootlace Tree bark and resin for toothaches, wound healing and to ease joint pains.

In cosmetics, the Bootlace tree bark extract targets a type of aging called inflammaging, a well-known phenomenon in the medical field. Skin inflammaging results from a number of stimuli including inflammation from burns; overexposure to UV rays; stress; toxins, such as pollution and smoking; trauma; alcohol; immune reactions; and infection by pathogens and foreign bodies, such as dirt and debris. Inflammation caused by free radicals induces degradation of cells, which in turn results in the reduction of collagen production. When our skin is constantly barraged by free radicals, it’s important to eliminate as many opportunities for exposure to these as possible. This includes limiting sun exposure, reducing stress, increasing sleep and not smoking.

With every day application, Bootlace (Epicura Falaca) Tree Extract was clinically tested to delay the visible signs of inflammaging, including age-related loss of elasticity, firmness and tonicity.

Who is the Auvê girl?

Always a lady, the Auvê Girl is polished on the go. She is aspirational, chic, heath-conscious, and needs to look, feel and share her best for the many activities and people she meets. To keep her going, she lives by simple, effective and life-conscious products and rituals. Auvê Beauty is designed for this sophisticated, modern-day woman with an elevated lifestyle in mind. For that reason, each product is stylishly designed, beautifully crafted, and has purpose.

Our Beliefs

Products for Life

Our products have been carefully crafted with the highest level of efficacy in mind.


Quality is so important to what we do. We also want to ignite your personal care routine with products that bring elegance and style in your life.

Rituals for life

Rituals have power. We believe that outer beauty comes from within; the rituals we maintain from day to day are key to maintaining a vibrant life. We want to inspire you with the secrets that come from our cultural influences and years of research. When you take on healthy rituals, you’ll see your whole life transform, from the inside out. Like we always say, “outer beauty shines from a little bit of genes, a lot of routine.”

No Animal Testing

We love and cherish all living things. It is important that we respect all forms of life, and for that reason, we source ingredients that are not tested on animals. Likewise, none of our final products are tested on animals.

Products with Purpose

Your beauty routine should have purpose, where substance and style are equally important. Each product that we design has a multi-faced use so that each product fit s seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Naturally Good

Our products utilize the power of naturals while incorporating science where needed. Most importantly, products are designed to work!

The No-No list

We stay as close as possible to the pulse of healthy ingredient standards.

NO mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes or GMOs.


About Our founder

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Beauty and lifestyle expert Angella Sprauve began her career as a chemist after earning a degree in chemistry from UC Davis in 2000. She entered the beauty industry in research and development before becoming an innovator behind brands such as Yes to Carrots and Bare Escentuals. Through her career, she’s developed award-winning products while learning about today’s most advanced techniques used around the world. In 2015, she identified a need in the beauty space for a brand that addressed the modern-day woman with lifestyle-driven products, and Auvê Beauty was born. Angella has crafted a lineup that ranges from consumables to personal care products, and soon color. She blends effective ingredients while unlocking anti-aging secrets from her mom’s Guyanese heritage, infusing an healthy – and stylish – lifestyle into your beauty routine.

An alchemist at heart, Angella has found the perfect life-balance between the finer things in life and the hip, urban and edgy. She has a lifelong passion for people, yoga, vegetarian food, wine, travel and beauty, both inside and out. She wants everyone to find the utmost joy in their lives, as she offers a 360-degree experience for readers to enjoy on Auvê Daily. The master multi-tasker is the former San Francisco editor of Haute Living Magazine and now moonlights as a luxury lifestyle writer. She also loves to talk food on Boss Boss Radio, share beauty tips on glam.com, write her sassy restaurant reviews on Yelp (the eight-year Elite was one of Yelp’s national models) and give her spare time to donation-based yoga instruction.

You can usually find her in a Dharma yoga class, a juice bar, a new restaurant, somewhere in wine country or most likely at a beauty counter checking out – and trying out – the latest and greatest beauty products on the market.