Daily Beauty Elixir, Classic Blend 20 Whole Leaf Pouches

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Beauty is born from the inside out, and we want to weave one of our favorite parts of the day into your your daily beauty ritual. This mild, classic white and green tea blend was carefully crafted with skin-nourishing benefits in mind.

White Tea and Jasmine Green Tea are loaded with antioxidants and are both known for their ability to aid in the improvement of skin. Our special blend of Hibiscus flowers, rose hip and Red Rooibos tea were blended to bring the best out of your skin and body.

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Directions for use:
Boil one bag in the morning for 1-3 minutes as a part of your morning ritual. If you need a boost in the afternoon, boil another bag, or simply add a fresh to your water bottle.  When you’re done, don’t throw away the bags!  Bags may be re-used two to three times, or cooled and placed onto puffy eyes. Also, you can make a tea-soak for your tired feet – a great thing to do at night when you want to wind-down.

1 review for Daily Beauty Elixir, Classic Blend 20 Whole Leaf Pouches

  1. Auve

    I cannot express how amazing this tea is!!! From the flavor to the health benefits; you win all around. I have been drinking this tea for over a year now, and my dark spots are diminishing right before me. My skin is glowing, I’ve maintained my weight loss, and my energy feels renewed! I use nature nates honey for my sweetener and it is divine! -xoxo

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